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    Dashboards in a car give you everything you need to know, at a glance. But they also allow you to control the car — at a turn of a knob and push of a button.

    In our increasingly digital world, user interface design and user flows affect the ways we interact, understand and process our environment — and in most cases we don’t even think about how much we now rely on them they are just part of our daily life. Unless they don’t make sense or aren’t working, then we go nuts!

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    Dashboards Key Characteristics

    • Actionable Information

      A good dashboard or interface design is non-verbally communicative. It anticipates a user's needs and then gives them the tools to fulfill that need.

    • Useful Information

      We have a need to be in control of our environment, but we rely on the information available within our environments to cement this control. Design is a way in which we control and order our environment to suit our needs.

    • Clear

      We all experience information overload, but with good interface design, we are guided through a hierarchy of the most important information and functions, from screen to the next, so that we have time to digest and act.

    • Intuitive

      In our increasingly digital world, user interface design and user flows affect the ways we interact, understand and process our environment — which require our design approach to be completely intuitive in order to be immediately clear and actionable.

    • Customizable

      The best part of digital dashboards is that they are highly visual, intuitive and are built for a human's most common behavioral processes and requirements, and can be updated to keep up with users as their needs and expectations evolve.

    Dashboard Design

    Important indicators you need to know.

    A user interface that can capture all the most important functions, visualizations and information and present them right away creates an environment where information thrives. This information, presented in a logical, design-friendly way, also allows users to perform multiple tasks at once.

    But there’s one more advantage that strategic UI design gives: it guides the user through a hierarchy of the most important information and functions, from screen to screen, so that they’re not overwhelmed.

    The Need

    Elegant and simplified user interaction design also allows users to cut down on the amount of time it takes to both use and to become familiarized with the interface, and ultimately give them more time to spend with family, friends, and careers.

    Interface dashboard design on laptop

    The Importance

    Digital dashboards and interfaces, like a payment terminal in a department store or a public transportation system, work in the same way. Within the span of a few clicks or a few selections, a user is in control of the important information and functions. But, without ever needing to click anything at all, you’ve also got the most important information, rightup front.

    Analytics chart

    The Purpose

    Dashboards are really about making the complex simple. It takes several experts trained in the language and mindset of UI/UX and dashboard design to truly create functionality and the type of user flow that makes something so complex seem completely successful and consequently, effortless.

    App dashboard design

    Dashboard Design

    Designers are behind the machines we interact with every day, although we rarely think about them until something doesn’t work the way we think it should. Designers are constantly making calculated design decisions you can see if you pay attention, in common things like traffic lights, ATM machines and point-of-sale terminals; and if they all work right, they just fit right into our human flow.

    Dashboard design and web apps work

    Latest projects

    At this point, FuseLab Creative has probably built close to 5000 individual dashboards and interface designs. Not all were implemented, not all were perfect, but the ones that did make the final cut can be found here, in our recent projects section of our website.

    Benefits of User Interface Design

    Possibly the most important benefit of good UI design is it's ability to save us time and money, and consequently raising our quality of life on a daily basis.

    Increase Sales

    If your customers interact with you through the use of software, a website, a communications channel, social application, or anything else in the tech world, you will undoubtedly increase sales with a better interface. And even if your current design is working well; people evolve in their expectations and to meet these expectations, your interface must evolve to keep up as well.


    More Engaged Customers

    A fluid and intuitive interface makes everything better. Giving your users the tools they need without a learning curve represents the two most critical aspects of a system that will produce engaged users. And engaged users come back over and over to places they find inspiration and ease-of-use. Just as any online retailer how much time they spend on their digital payment system–as Steve Jobs said: “[Design] is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

    Purple illustration

    Maximise Your Revenue Opportunities

    During a positive and effortless user experience, you are much more likely to respond positively to additional information or requests. You may agree to participate in an online survey, click-through to a “you may also like” list of products, or even donate money to charity. Regardless, creating human-centered interface design is the first step toward increasing sales and developing a loyal user base.

    Girl and dashboard design illustration

    Immediate Analytical Data

    With every new click within an interface, we are learning more about what people want, how they are most likely to use what we have created and what is not working, or is confusing people. This constant flow of analytical data allows us to continually improve our designs, better serve our users, and ultimately build interface designs that are truly intuitive and make the user experience enjoyable and effortless.


    Fewer Frustrations

    Is there really anything more frustrating that going through a long form building experience, only to come to the end and realize that upon submission nothing was saved or submitted at all. This is the kiss of death for many companies that have competitors ready to snatch up these customers and are only a few clicks a away. With FuseLab Creative, you have a team of veteran designers, that have years of experience in making sure your users not only enjoy their experience, but also come back to you on a regular basis.

    purple laptop illustration

    Reduced Development Costs

    There was a time when most software systems came with huge user manuals and tutorial options. Now, with intuitive design, information options like hover balloons, and best practice use of universal iconography, most people can adequately navigate modern software systems without much training or pre-knowledge at all. Of course, systems like Adobe Photoshop, and other professional tools will always require a level of training/education, but most teenagers can already identify the meaning behind the iconography used on buttons throughout.

    Expert dashboard design agency in DC

    FuseLab Creative is always ready to creating a great user experience relies and a solid user flow and strategy, and a team that has been building high-impact experiences for clients for decades.

    1. Research:

    • Audience analysis
    • Market/Competition analysis
    • Content development
    • Creative brief development
    • Appraisal of existing systems
    • Define goals
    • Develop project strategy
    • Choose CMS and backup
    • Define roles and responsibilities

    2. Design:

    • Overall look and feel
    • Color scheme
    • Develop mockups and flow
    • Design functional elements
    • Buttons
    • Header and footer
    • Block elements
    • Design templates
    • Lists and special fields
    • Validate call-to-action on every page

    3. Implement:

    • Approval of ready pages
    • Validate designs
    • Build database
    • Forms and scripts
    • Login/registration
    • Custom applications
    • Functionalities development
    • Implement design/block layouts
    • Restricted areas
    • Migrate existing content


    Digital strategy is no longer a term saved for web development teams.

    Regardless of the type of project: branding, marketing campaign, or even community outreach, a digital strategy and an effective and comprehensive UX are required.

    To learn more about data visualization best practices and and how these can support business intelligence and insights, visit Fuselab Creative. 

    ( Image Source ) Pogo – Covid Tracked by Fuselab Creative What comes next? Only using these trends to their full potential can tell you that.

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