Is it like a Styleguide? Nope. A pattern library? Nope. A instructional document? Nope. What is it then? It’s all of those and more!






Design Systems Are Changing Everything And There’s no Going Back.

Design System Features:

  1. CSS Framework
  2. Pattern Library
  3. Design Rules and Styleguide
  4. Unifies design across screens and products

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To see how a design system can remove the need to pay for a redesign ever again.

    Every major platform uses design systems to efficiently manage design changes

    Changes to design elements are implemented globally throughout any platform, erasing update time completely and making brand management enormously simple!

    Fuselab Recent Design System samples:


    Design System for Artificial Intelligence agency

    Layer styles & color variables
    Change global colors quickly without making any mistakes.
    Typography system
    One typography system which supports multiple breakpoints.
    Connected External Library
    Component bases are built of one or a combination of layers with fill, stroke, and shadow.


    Design system for supply chain and telematics company

    Layer styles & color variables
    Change global colors quickly without making any mistakes.
    Typography system
    One typography system which supports multiple breakpoints.
    Connected External Library
    Components' bases are built of one or combination of layer with fill, stroke, and shadow.

    Keys to Design Systems Deliverables

    Design systems have changed the way we deliver almost all of our design work, as automation functions are now as important as the actual work.


    Style Guide

    Most modern organizations that have spent any time focused on branding, and particularly those that have a digital presence have some kind of existing style guide. The existing guide is only used as a reference for our work, as we move into creating an updated style guide. Although it will include design elements, such as the pattern library, it goes much further, by providing design implementation guidelines, and, at times, a communications guide for public speaking and public document creation.


    Pattern Library

    Typically a visual audit is conducted at the beginning of a design system build where we collect and document all the actual components of a client’s existing UI design. This process also helps weed out the elements that are not serving any vital functions. From this research, we then begin to rebuild a visual library of everything that will be included as part of the new design system and save them in our pattern library for future use.


    CSS Framework

    A CSS framework is where design system truly takes flight. As the framework provides an actionable tool for clients to take our work and implement changes and updates to their digital projects independently. We always want our clients to go forward not needing anything from us other than basic maintenance. This fact separates professional creative agencies from those that are looking to keep clients on the hook from those that are attempting to set them up for success and freedom from unnecessary future payments.



    Documentation is exactly as it sounds, but is possibly the most critical part of a successful design system, as great design is only as good as its effective implementation. If a developer does not know how to treat certain design elements, or if assumed functionality is not documented with clear instructions, it can lead to considerable re-work efforts and un-needed backtracking, which always impacts profitability and weakens the overall effectiveness of the design system.



    Workflows can be as detailed or as simple as the project requires. There are design systems for large platforms that have done a great job of keeping things simple, such as Shopify’s “Polaris Design System.” In a nutshell, workflows are about mapping out individual tasks, such as replacing a video block and providing sequential instructions for each step in the process, and how to conduct a quality check to verify success.


    Roles & Procedures

    Even small companies struggle with who sign’s off on what and when. When there are specific procedures written out for staff and everyone understands what is required before any change or action is approved the chance for success skyrockets and the likelihood of something sneaking through and going public with an error drops way, way down.

    Design System

      Design Changes
      in Seconds
      If you are building a digital product or already have one and are looking to create better efficiencies with your updates and changes, you need design system services.